The Believers At The Time Of Great Tribulation

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  1. The woman in the wilderness is Yisrael those who heed correct doctrine(The way) and flee; that is why the dragon will make war with her.

  2. The truth is the truth. There is something different in the way men deliver the truth of the word, than when women deliver the message. Women do not carry the same authority or anointing. There is something about Yahuah's order, as in the men taking their rightful place that cannot be denied. People know this deep down, and they will never have peace trying to override this truth. We don't have time to disobey the truth. We only have time now to fall in-line or to fall out. We must not take the grace of Yahuah for granted, whilst the door is still open. When He is ready, He will guide in the righteous and close the door.

  3. Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge. I am new here. I just learned about Yahuah and Yahusha and I'm almost 70 years old. Better late than never. Do you use the Cepher in your. Speaking? I cannot use any of those other bibles. How can we spread the word of Yahuah so more people can be saved. I noticed that more black people know the truth. I wonder why that is not to be rude. Thank you. Yahuah bless you.

  4. Baruch Hashem YAHUAH! What a blessed teaching! I just wonder if I can bring the tent with me when I will fly where YAHUAH shows me ? Maybe a stupid question, but asking it anyway.

  5. I am going through this entire playlist. I must say brother that we are like minded and have similar understanding of the scriptures. May the Most High continue to grow us in the wisdom and understanding of His Qodesh and divine Word. APTTMHY. Yahuah Tsebaoth!

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