How John 19:31 Proves a September 16, 2023 Start of the Biblical Calendar!

How John 19:31 proves a September 16 start of the calendar year. Of course john 19:31 by itself does not prove this date to be correct, but it bears witness to all we have been saying over the past few days.

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  1. APTTMHY Shalom Brother you have been helping me with your content in this new awakening for me , you helped me understand the 12 hour shabbath we are upon Sukkot this Saturday sunrise to sunset , this Sukkot is 7 days do this mean 7 twelve hour Shabbaths, and I believe after the week long Shabbath immediately follow the Eighth Day Shabbath on that Sunday ? also am I allowed to use electronics on any shabbaths like laptop, phone TV, ? thanks in advance

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