When Does The Great Tribulation Begin?

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  1. Brother i agee..solely based on a dream I had in 2019…I saw two moons in the night sky and when I told a lady name Sharon. She said yep its the endtimes. Then I went to take a picture of the two moons but I started lifting up in the sky. When Ruach Hakodesh gave me the interpretation he showed me the endtimes 7 yr timeline would start during a month when there are 2 full moons and I kept hearing the word Harvest and Great Harvest. As time went on I realized Oct 2020 would have 2 full moons….one on Oct 1st (harvest moon) and one on Oct 31(blue moon/hunter moon). I took that as confirmation to start counting the 7 years in Oct 2020. You are bringing me confirmation. Thank you so very much! APTTMH!

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