What Does It Mean To Have The Testimony Of Yahusha? Overcoming The Beast Part

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  1. So now it makes sense why Yahuah is still the only savior . It’s because he only used Yahusha as a witness of his resurrection power . Now through MACHIACH , we can know that Yah has the ability to do what he said he will . The Sda does not do Xmas or holidays . However they have started to do them which is why I knew it was time to leave . And I am guilty of thinking that we only needed to keep the Royal 10 . But there are Israelite churches on here saying that we only need to keep the 10 as well . Which makes no sense because they also keep the dietary laws which are not contained in the 10 rather in the Torah . So clearly we have to keep the full Torah with the exception of animal sacrifice. HalleluYAH thanks for your edification .

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