Time’s Up! Seek YAHUAH While He Can Still Be Found

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  1. The vacc has something call luciferase in it that connects to crypto and gives a #. In other word the V is a 1 stop shop for the M.O.B.

  2. Thank you for such an important message. The door to the Ark remained opened for anyone willing to believe and act on it. The strange and unusual sight of all the different animals gathering together, going in without killing each other, that, apart from the great Ark, should have made people stop and think, especially after hearing the message from Noah. Still people ignored such things. Like you rightly said, the signs are obvious to those with the Spirit. I used to wonder "HOW" people are so blinded? But, not anymore, for the Most High has indeed sent them a strong delusion. When He is ready, the end will swiftly come, door shut: judgement.

  3. Shabbat shalom zaqen. Just wanted to add that I believe the stimulus was also a trick.

    While giving people their money back while taking away their ability to earn money, they got them to agree to pay for the vacc with their own taxes.

    The bill was 2.2 trillion and the stimulus payment was much less. They used the rest of their taxes to pay for free vaccs for everyone.

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