Hebrew Israelite Errors Part 5: Using Pagan Symbols

The 5th in our Hebrew Israelite Errors series looks at the use of pagan symbols by some groups.

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  1. It was these said people who woke me up to the truth,and now to realize they have adopted Pagan practices,I am beginning to wonder if they are just simply there working for the Illuminati.I have adopted my new way of life,having been a Christian for over fifteen years.I am filled with the Holy Sprit where I speak in Tongues as the Holy Spirit gives utterance. What do you say about that because they all say it is not of the Most High,but I am 100℅ sure of this.

  2. I've been searching for truth in faith of Yahuah for some time now, and have been asking Yahuah to show me no matter how I feel about it. I've found your site as of late, and feel quite connected with what you are teaching. Your message is unlocking the truth of our creator, and what he tells us to look out for. I'm very thankful to Yahuah for bringing me to you. Shalom brother.

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