True Location Of Jerusalem: Where It Is And How We Found It!!!

The true location of Jerusalem! This video is the highlight of a series revealing where the ancient land of Canaan (Israel) is today. We begin by highlighting the journey that led us to its discovery, then we show where it is.

The highlight of this video is a revelation from the Most High that confirms the true location of Jerusalem, that you must see!

Cursed Shall Be The Fruit Of Thy Land!

Big Clue!!! Abraham Sojourned In A Land He Was To Inherit – True Location Of Israel (Yasharal) Today

Why Jerusalem Must Be Desolate At This Time: True Location Of Israel Today


By the way, here is a list of related videos below. If you do not get these foundations, you may just believe that everything we posted in this video is a coincidence or erroneous claims.

True Locations: The 4 Rivers Of Eden

True Location of Real Jerusalem

Jerusalem Script: The True Location of Jerusalem The Cover Up

Biblical Jerusalem is Revealed in Africa!!! Case Closed!!!

Watch As The Most High Reveals Where To Flee Out Of Babylon!

Our Playlist: Flee Out Of Babylon? Where Should I Go?

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  1. I have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to receive this word. I thank you for this word. I was happy when you mentioned a YT channel, "Jerusalem Script" bc I came across this channel less than 2 months ago confirming what TMH spoke to me in a dream this past Sept that "Namibia is land of the Jews and where Jerusalem and MT Zion is." You are my 2nd witness to confirm my dream. HALLELYAH….thank you my brother.💞

  2. I knew long ago, having done research.Sodom am Gomorrah is also that big Crater in South Africa.The Garden of Eden is St John's.
    Question;did you take any form of Vaccine to travel there?

  3. You not crazy for thinking SA is the land; Moses cross the Eritrean sea chg to Red Sea now call Indian Ocean . Moses would have, had to head south for this Geography to make sense .

  4. Looks like you left the West at a perfect time. Take a look at what is in the news about Babylon AmeriKKKa being surrounded by it's enemies. Surprisingly, the media is covering it.

  5. Deuteronomy 29:29
    [29]The secret things belong unto YAHUAH our Aluah: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.

    Yadah Abba YAHUAH!

  6. If you were to walk from Johannesburg to Cairo Egypt, it'll take 6 months on foot. If you were to fly there, it would take nearly 8hrs, and that's with modern tech.

    U honestly think Mary, Joseph and The baby messiah walked from South Africa to North to go to Egypt? There's no way south Africa is the true land of Israel. Unless, the location of Egypt is also wrong

    Same thing with the sons of Jacob, leaving the land of Caannan to go Egypt to avoid famine. There's no way, Jacob at his old age would've made the trip to Egypt to see Joseph, if he walked. So unless you can prove the true location of Egypt, South Africa isn't the land.

    I would believe Etophia is the true land due to is proximity to Egypt, than I would believe South Africa is the true land of Israel, which is the at the bottom of the continent of Africa

  7. I wish you could lower the volume of the background music so we could hear you clearly. Thanks for the truth the Bantus children of Jacob are really waking up!!! 🙏 🙌 ❤️

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