This Is Your Real Enemy: Why You Must Know Your Enemy Or You Will Be Deceived

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  1. Brother what is going on politically in Jamaica ? If I have the opportunity , my family and I would like to move there . We are in Florida not far . But who knows with this mark of the beast it may be too late to leave . Not leaving to run , just leaving to at least die amongst better people than here in the US

  2. Hi there, thank you for these teachings. They are much needed now. On your website you had a link to a Zadokite calendar, but I can no longer find that page. Which calendar you recommend for following the proper Feast Days of Yahuah?

  3. Powerful teaching. What a eye opener.!!!! The true Israelites need to know the truth about who we are and why we were chosen. When we understand who we are, we no longer have to live in fear. I urge everyone to read Deuteronomy 7 And Deuteronomy 28 . The Most High Yahauah is revealing truth to his people and to those who will listen HalleluYAH!

  4. What scripture are you reading from? I am loving that you have a scripture book that uses the proper names of everyone but especially of the most high. We have just been learning of the things you are teaching, thank you for your honesty and for reading so much scripture and not having opinion like so many “pastors” do.

  5. I Listened to this message, loved it, and learned a ton from it. Thank you so much for the truth you are teaching. I will never trust these enemies, and their jab as you said. I wasn't fooled by this con on humanity since the beginning. Thank you, and much blessings brother.

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