This video shows why you cannot be saved If you continue to hold onto a lie. The word is actually not very kind to those who continue to live in lies in their religions.

“It doesn’t matter.” If this is your response to truth being brought to you, then you need to watch this video. If this is your response when, for example, you are told that the name Yahusha HaMashiach is a new, made up name.

If this is your response when told that the Sabbath is not Sunday. If this is your response to any new truth proven to you, then you need to watch this. We must have love of the truth, or you cannot be saved. It is the love of the truth that saves us. Lies do not save us.

Most all do not realize the spiritual suicide they are committing when they embrace a lie and refuse to accept the truth. This video will show you how important it is to reject lies and have love for the truth (or you cannot be saved). Watch the video.


Who Is Yahusha HaMashiach?

Are You Keeping Your Biblical Appointments?

Why Every Single Christian Bible Teacher Is Misleading You

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  1. "The Love Of The Truth Saves", is that the same as: "Faith alone saves, not the deeds"? Because if that is the case, then that is also NOT true – as I understand it!
    So what do you really mean by "The Love Of The Truth Saves"? Please explain! 馃檪

  2. About lies: "Ye shall not bear false witness against any, nor wilfully deceive any by a lie to hurt them." (The Original Gospel, Lection 46,14)
    It's not the act itself, but the intention behind the act, that really matters! 馃槈

  3. I am trying to understand this. You are quoting things ; i AM THE WAY AND THE TRUTH ok Who is he then. He said I must go in order for the Holy Spirit to come. I understand worship no one but the Father, I only do what I see my Father does. ok Is it ok to sway worthy is the Lamb? I so want to know the truth. I do believe that picture is not him. I think messiah did come in the frlesh he died and rose again You search scriptures in them you think they lead to life but they lead to me; Please help me out here. thank you I do believe especially catholics they took our messiah and made a kingdom of their own with him . Cauld I be right on that one? please anyone help me understand what this means

  4. ok No man come to the Father but by me. Ask in my name; what is revelation about then. beheaded ; etc.. if you deny me I will deny you. they hated me they will hate you and etcc… what does all this mean then. I know easter christmas holidays…. are a lie. He called himself a teacher this I believe; Could we even have the Holy Spirit if he had not come and died? somebody please hear what I am saying, asking, searching for. thank you; ps King James Bibles have been demonically attacked. blk majic, cern d waves whatever; blaspamous things Psalm 34:10 use to read THEY THAT SEEK THE LORD SHALL LACK NO GOOD THING. and this is just one ; go read it now in kjs any year, any year read and think about. no way would one meditate on that what it reads now.

  5. 2:20 So what scripture do you use? Also, what of when those who came for Pentecost and heard the gospel in their own language? Surely some of those languages had the name of the Messiah beginning with a different letter.

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