THE THIEF ON THE CROSS – How And Why Was He Saved?

The thief on the cross? How was he saved? How is it that all he did was ask the Messiah to remember him when he got to the kingdom and yet the Messiah said he will be with him in paradise? What did he do to deserve this?

And guess what, he didn’t have to obey anything! Why then are people telling us that we have to obey commandments, and we have to endure to the end? Why didn’t the thief on the cross have to endure anything? All he did was reprove the other thief and make a request of the Messiah and he was saved?

Doesn’t that mean then that we likewise don’t have to obey anything? We simply have to believe? Once saved always saved? Well this short video answers at all of these questions and more!


How And When Are We Saved?

Why You Cannot Be Saved If You Continue To Hold On To A Lie

Why Every Single Christian Bible Teacher Is Misleading You

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  1. We always have to be walking in the spirit as the moment we slip and serve the flesh we will go right back in serving sin. that is why we should always seeking to repent as there are times we sin unknowingly thus serving the flesh.

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