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The Stumblingblocks Of The Fourth Kingdom, AI & The Image Of The Beast

This video (from Sabbath teaching on June 3, 2023) was struck from YouTube as the scriptures reveal the agenda of the wicked who rule this earth today.

This is a “must watch” as we show what the fourth kingdom of Daniel, the mark of the beast, the first and second beast, the image of the beast and the part artificial intelligence has to play in it all is revealed in this video.

You will see that the scriptures match up perfectly with world affairs. Definitely worth your time!

The Mark of the Beast

The Mark of the Beast


Hatred And The Kingdom – Testament Of Gad

Today we go into the Testament of Gad from the Testament of the Patriarchs, also known as the Testament Of The Twelve Patriarchs or the Testament of the 12. We look into hatred and its relationship with the kingdom. Gad confessed his hatred for Joseph and the part he played in getting him sold. He […]
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