ARE ALL MEN CREATED EQUAL? What The Bible Says Will Surprise You!

Are all men created equal? This is popular in politics and in the Christian religion, which is based on the premise of everyone being created equal. However, is this what the Bible says, or is it from man? This is what we look at today in this video which is our vlog #4.

Our Just a Word Vlog, presented by EliYahu Yasharal, gives you quick insights into different topics that are greatly misunderstood, yet have a great impact on our salvation.

Are all men created equal? Watch the video and you may just be surprised as to exactly what scripture says.

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Comment (13)

  1. Truth will always prevail. We cannot argue and debate facts outlined in the Scriptures. Precept upon Precept will provide clarity. not expounding on one verse only .

    ​Most will not accept this truth, However, we cannot refute facts/truth as found throughout the Bible HalleluYAH!!

  2. We are a stiffnecked people..we prefer to stay in lawlessness, bcus it's more comfortable to the flesh. The covenant HE made with HIS people are eternal, so we will still be held accountable to obey HIS laws.

  3. If we were created equal why did TMH Yah chose only one set of the family of Adam to be their Elohim and for Him alone to rule over them? Israel is His inheritance

  4. Okay okay talk about how after Jesus died and paid the price right the gentiles as well as his chosen are all welcome the gentiles are the rest of the world what do you have to say about that any kind of hate towards a race whether it's calling all white men white supremacists or if it's a white man being a freaking idiot it's still all comes from hate, and it's a stumbling block to his people blam blam blam blam blam

  5. One more thing and I might be speaking out of ignorance but just cuz you convert to Muslim doesn't make you an Israelite thank you good night good night good night, and if it does show me the scripture blam blam

  6. Hi again, Can you please help me? Since I have learned the truth about my creator, I have been questioning myself many questions, but one in particular, I want to know if I belong to to one of the tribes of Israel, if I am one of his children. In the last few weeks I have been very sad and kind of depressed because I can’t find who I’m truly are. I am from Puerto Rico. I’m not white, I’m not black either so who I am? I want to belong to my father Yahuah with all my heart and soul there is nothing else that my heart desire. I need to know if I belong to him or I am nothing. If you or anyone from this channel can help me understand my true identity in Yahuah I will be more than thankful for the help that may I receive from this channel. Thank you with all my heart. Natalie

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