Why Almost All Of Us Are Liars

Attention: The meaning of Messiah is “anointed one,” but it was erroneously referred to as meaning “messenger.” Our apology goes out for this error and any misunderstanding it may have caused.

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  1. saying hello to someone is of the evil one saying goodbye is also there is not a phrase you can use that is not compromised so let your yes be yes and your no be no these are the only two words to be used other than scripture the rest is a lie .

  2. If Christianity teaches truth, would you still have Christians? This is how you know the true heart of men. Those who pursue truth are willing to throw out lies in pursuit of truth, no matter the cost. Most say they pursue truth, but are too comfortable in the lie and they keep turning a blind eye, until they themselves become blind. One thing I used to hear from my Christianity days was this.. "oh, I sure G-d doesn't mind" they are right that G-d does not mind, BUT!!! YAHUAH! YAHUAH does mind very much.

  3. Shalom brothers. Could you please help my husband and me to find the definition of Messiah as "messenger" and the Shabbat starting in the morning instead of the evening? We appreciate it, Thanks.

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