The Messiah Yahusha and The Book Of Enoch

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  1. This is solid food from Yahuah to His people, for those who have ears to listen. Thank you so much once again.

    Prov 3:11 My son, do not despise the discipline of הוהי, And do not loathe His reproof 12 For whom הוהי loves He reproves, As a father the son whom he delights in.13 Blessed is the man who has found wisdom, And the man who gets understanding, 14 For the gain from it is better Than gain from silver, And its increase than fine gold. 15 She is more precious than rubies, And all your delights are not comparable to her. 16 Length of days is in her right hand, Riches and esteem in her left hand. 17 Her ways are pleasant ways, And all her paths are peace. 18 She is a tree of life to those taking hold of her, And blessed are all who retain her. I was speaking to a Christian about all the things you spoke of even in the first 15 minutes. I asked them to listen to this message because it was confirmation of our conversation and also that our spirits as believers are in one accord, but I was rejected.

    Most of us now who were Christians before have been where they are, but they have not been where we are. When your heart is set upon searching for truth and go wherever it may take you, Yahuah is pleased, for He says, He desires obedience rather than sacrifice. It reminds me of James 3:17 But the wisdom from above is first clean, then peaceable, gentle, READY TO OBEY, filled with compassion and good fruits, WITHOUT PARTIALITY and WITHOUT HYPOCRISY.

  2. Shalom. I had a disturbing dream last night. I was getting chased by a yellow snake and it was moving so swift that I couldn't get away. Next thing you know, the snake grew longer and bigger in diameter. As I was running away from the snake, I then ran into an alligator. So there I was, in between a giant snake and a alligator. The snake was striking at me but was missing on purpose as if it was just trying to scare me. The gator was on the other side snapping his jaws at me. It was like I was getting bullied by a snake and a gator. Brother, what can you interpret from this dream I had?

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