Are You Really On Your Way To Salvation? Now You Will Know

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  1. YOU ARE RIGHT ON ABOUT THE LAW BUT WHAT MOST DO NOT UNDERSTAND IS THAT TO IMMERSE YOURSELF IN YAHAWAHSHI (ancient paleo hebrew) no u in ancient Hebrew. what that means is that you immerse yourself in every thing he taught ,did, believed.It is not referring to water baptism but immersing your whole being to become more like soaking up the sun you Soak up the SON. Amen

  2. Great teaching once again. Thank you. Keeping the letter of the law gave you long and prosperous life on earth in the flesh according to the old testament, which was a shadow of things to come.Deut 5v33"You shall walk in all the way that Yahuah your Aluah has commanded you, that you may live, and that it may go well with you, and that you may live long in the land that you shall possess "
    Under the new covenant, keeping the spirit of the law through Yahusha leads to eternal life. This is the substance of which the shadow reflected. The spirit of the law dwells in us when we believe because it is truth, bringing us to perfection through grace. We don't need the scarifices anymore but we should offer up sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving. All those under the law are cursed regardless of whether they keep the law or not, onto death. This is because unless we accept the free gift of Yahusha's atoning sacrfice, and walk in faith, death awaits us all. Shaul puts it well in Romans 8 v 4…so that the righteousness of the Torah should be COMPLETED in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. If it is no longer required, why would it need to be completed?

    How can we live differently from the way Yahusha showed us, when the evidence of Yahusha's righteousness is in his resurrection? He has proved to us that his way is The Way to eternal life. Though he died, he now lives in the Spirit, the first-born on to the new creation.This explains why we must die to self, for we are bought with a price, and must cleave to our new life by faith, knowing that through death, symbolised by baptism, we came out of the old covenant onto the new. This is why we must be baptised. This takes total faith in Yahuah through Yahusha. We can't look back at what is dead to us, for there is nothing there for us to desire, when we consider the hope that is waiting ahead of us. HalleluYah

  3. Very powerful and interesting for me find out how lost I have really been in the mainstream church. I thank AHUAH for all the work and efforts you are putting into teaching us the truth of the most high. Im so happy to have been guided to this channel when I am so grateful ALL Praises to Aluah and thanks to all te brothers putting the work out their

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