Grafted In Gentiles Explained: Can a Gentile Become a Hebrew?

This video looks at the real meaning behind the gentiles being grafted in, according to Romans 11. We will show up the fallacies hiding behind this grafting in-process and shows exactly what Sha’ul means in this chapter.

It looks at the physical process of grafting in as described on a gardening website and it is surprising how much it reveals about what Sha’ul was trying to say.

After watching, you should see that most who believe they are grafted in are actually not. This includes the 2 billion Christians, most of who believe they actually are spiritual Israelites as they call it.

This video is an eye-opener, as it takes a dual approach. Apart from explaining grafted in, it also looks at the claim by Gentiles that they can become Hebrew by grafting in.

So two sets of false claims handled in this one video. Wake up Gentiles!

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  1. I dont understand if we are adopted as son's by YAH if all the promises and our crown and his set apart days dosen't apply to all from YAHUAH than are we illegitimate children? Can that be so?

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