The Royal Priesthood of Israel: Why It Does Matter Whether Or Not You Are Jacob’s Seed

For ye are a royal priesthood. This video looks at how YAHUAH hides himself, and how the scriptures that we are forbidden to read actually reveals him to us. It also shows the special relationship he has with Israel and Israel alone, and how the other nations are his enemy. But even though he knows they will not change from their evil, he still shows them mercy.

We look at the Wisdom of Solomon as it shows the difference between the righteous seed of Israel and the ungodly seed of Cain. It shows how Cain has contributed to the evils on this earth that still persist to this day. It shows that Cain’s seed was cursed, whilst the Most High looks on the seed of Israel as righteous and blameless.

We finally looked at the judgment in the end for the cursed seed, but on the other hand, redemption for the blessed seed of Jacob. The result? YAHUAH will yet choose Israel and set them in their own land.

Most importantly, it shows that it does matter who we are! It all begins with Israel. Are you the seed of Jacob? Then the Messiah came so you can be saved. Will you accept and walk in his footsteps, or will you reject him and continue to rebel against the Most High?

It all begins with who you are, as scripture does not show equality in the end for the children of Israel as opposed to the children of the other nations. In fact, scripture says the other nations shall be servants of the children of Israel.


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  1. There is a book that explains how the giants survive the flood, the ran up to the mountain tops. I this it is in the of the 100,000 war giant war. It was on youtube but it was taken down some years ago now it is very hard to find so is the book about King Og of Bashan. Those book were rivetings.

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