Are The 66 Books Of The Bible All We Need? What About The Apocrypha and the Lost Books?

Are the 66 books of the Bible all we need as believers? What about the Apocrypha and which contains books that were originally in the King James 1611 Bible and are still in some Bibles today?

What about other books mentioned in the Bible? What about the lost books of the Bible (mentioned but cannot be found). What about other books not even mentioned in the Bible?

Who determines which books are inspired, and who gave these men the authority to determine which books were canon or inspired? Finally, Who does the Most High give the authority over his scriptures?

Do the Gentiles have the authority to tell us what we should or should not read? Isn’t his hord only given to Israel (Psa 147:19-20) and no other nation?

What about the instruction in 1 Thess 5:21 to prove all things? Shouldn’t we prove all things, hold on to that which is good and reject that which the Holy Spirit will show us is not good?

This teaching from Just a Word’s weekly online Sabbath fellowship looks at these questions as we seek to find if this 66 book limit is yet another tradition of man and whether a limit on scripture is found anywhere in the Holy Bible.

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