The End Time Worldwide Worship Of Satan

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  1. Powerful teaching today. Each week so much revelation, and so much warning through Scriptures to leave Babylon the big cities, so we are not caught up in the catastrophes that will befall these cities! May the Most High Yah continue to give divine revelation to his humble servant Bro Chazaq! APTTMH

  2. Thank you a great teaching. Religion as you say keeps us in stasis. A false sense of security. How many times are we warned that there will be much deception in the last days? And only A FEW will be saved? These two got me searching for truth, because I wanted to know the truth. True faith is not sittng and saying ,"I'm there,"when scriptures tells us to endure till the end. Run the race diligently, less you find you are disqualified at the end. You are only disqualified if you don't follow the rules, not if you run and come last. Leave the cities and go. Don't worry about your friends, family, whatever. How do you know, that you are not the one chosen to create a safe haven for your friend and family when the time comes? Did Rahab not do the same, saving her family? We just need to obey. This is our faith.

  3. @Kurian Mathew, thanks for those deep insights, but YouTube is not showing up your comments. Don't know why, but over time, I see many comments in the notifications, but they are not showing up here.

  4. This was a great and eye opening teaching. I love learning together with everyone at Just A Word. Following the way is the truth in our most high, Halleluyah. All praise to Yahuah.

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