Why Most Christians Will Blindly Take The Mark Of The Beast

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  1. I heard that the spirits are angels just as the Holy Spirit was just an angel . Which is why he gives them the direction to lead and do things . Which 1 k 22:21 reminded me of that . When people baptize in the Holy Ghost it’s just an angel which is their folly . Idk but excellent lesson as usual .

  2. We have a work to do to help Christians get out. I had a vision once of the churches in cells like that of a honeycomb. They were all in individual spaces, separated from one another. What churches do not realise, is that they are kept in cells and focus inwardly rather than outwards. They are crying out for their needs to be met and being fed even watered down and tainted milk. Those who crave the meat and proper food, will search out the truth for themselves by READING and STUDYING scriptures. They tell you they read the Bible and some even twice a year, but are still blinded because they do not read to discern. Yahusha in Matthew 5 tells you all about the Torah and since coming out of Christianity, I only saw this today myself. The fulfilment of the Torah is Yahusha. The law and the prophets = Yahusha. Keep broadcasting the truth, the truth seekers will find it.

  3. Watching and praying, how important! God bless you for sharing this important message about to mark of the beast. This is definitely one biblical theme that everyone ought to try and understand.

    A solemn WARNING ever given by God to mortals, that of the worship, or acceptance of the image, mark and number of the beast. (Revelation 14:9-11).

    Additional information on the topic has recently been added! One of the most impressive descriptions of what the mark of the beast really is a GREAT video worth watching!


    It's time to #awakeandshine and share this video with others and come together as one body to fight the final battle of Armageddon UNITED under the banner of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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