When Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment: Ezekiel 13

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  1. They have home test kits/ do it yourselves, but bear in mind they may give you fake positive result since your not taking theirs.

  2. Thank you. Hope is a powerful thing to grasp. The mercies of the Most High unfathomable. How can we thank Him enough? We can never thank Him enough for His mercies, but thank Him we must.

  3. I enjoyed your video today it was very informative especially during these latter days we are in.The Most High Yahuah will forgive those who turn back from there wicked ways and repent. But those who do not REPENT here's a verse Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 17:5 Thus said Yahuah, Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his arm, and whose heart turns away from Yahuah. So repent now while his HANDS are still stretched out! All Esteem to THE MOST HIGH YAHUAH!!! HalleluYAH!!

  4. Question, wouldn't you consider the hebrew being spoken today is not our original hebrew? How do we learn if the hebrew today is the actual hebrew to know the most highs name?

  5. DISCLAIMER: This is not condoning knowingly taking the vackxscene, as there is no sacrifice for wilful sin (Num 15_30-31, Heb 10_26-27). Neither do we encourage anyone to take their tests as they were given the crown (corona) with which to conquer (Rev 6_1-2). Anything they give us to put in our bodies as a result of the corona is used to conquer.

    This is really for those who have sinned in error and are now repentant, to let them know that all hope is not yet lost, TMH can have mercy before judgment is executed

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