Is This The Image Of The Beast?

Is this the image of the beast? What is the image of the beast?

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  1. i would not be surprised if these people are members of the free mason club. What an eye opener! Sao much deception. Sounds and look like a great idea.
    People have no clue because they don't research!
    May The Most High Yahuah continue to reveal what's hidden to those searching for truth. May he also continue to protect and guide his children. Todah Shabach!

  2. Wow, just seeing this. That is some heavy stuff. What happens when someone with nefarious plans decides to hijack it? (As if the AI giant creators had innocent plans to begin with…)

    No concerns here, folks. 🙄🙄😒😬😲😮😱 Smh x10

  3. Brother you said you have given evidence of the fallen angels dna being available. Please can you tell me which one of your videos you mentioned that?

  4. Hey,bruh,you might want to do a research on the Artificial intelligence (AI)as well as this guy(even though they are all Inverted Genders) named Anthony Levandowski.There are even AI Churches built to facilitate "worship,,",and the Catholic church supports it.

  5. Shalom Brother. Are you sure that this test also doesnt do the same thing as the jab juice? why do they need everyone tested? What are they doing with the results? Are they storing them? Supposedly the jab juice is in the tests and, moving figures (which I have seen in certain videos), that are nano particles etc. Some are saying that they also inject you through the test?

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