When Does The Sabbath Begin And End?

When does the Sabbath begin and end? To most of the world, this goes without saying. It is accepted as being obviously from sunset to sunset. After all, the evening and the morning were the first day; plus: from evening to evening you shall celebrate your sabbath.

But is this evening to evening sabbath conclusive. Is evening to evening actually when the sabbath day was kept in scriptures? This short video looks at this question: when does the sabbath begin and end in the bible?

This was an excerpt from our teaching entitled: The Hidden Dangers Of Leaven.” Here is the full teaching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHTqm2fm9AI

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  1. Hello brother! Thank you for your teaching. I’m so glad I now know without a shadow of doubt that the Sabbath begins at sunrise on the 7th day and ends at sunset….. Is it ok to start and end the Sabbath at the same times every Sabbath? i.e from 6am – 6pm. The reason why I ask is because I’ve noticed that on a weather app ( I have on my phone) for London, England the sunrise/ sunset times seem to change daily.

  2. Shalom brother so according to the Scripture the Sabbath start in the morning of Saturday? Please help me understand cz some people saying the Saturday Sabbath that we r keeping is wrong the Sabbath goes with the newmoon.

  3. Excellent teaching! I have had a hard time showing most people!! Yah showed me that truth. See also YOVHELIYM chapter 2!! It says the the sun is the sign of the day, the Shabbat, moadim etc.


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