When Does The Sabbath Begin And End?

When does the Sabbath begin and end? To most of the world, this goes without saying. It is accepted as being obviously from sunset to sunset. After all, the evening and the morning were the first day; plus: from evening to evening you shall celebrate your sabbath.

But is this evening to evening sabbath conclusive. Is evening to evening actually when the sabbath day was kept in scriptures? This short video looks at this question: when does the sabbath begin and end in the bible?

This was an excerpt from our teaching entitled: The Hidden Dangers Of Leaven.” Here is the full teaching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHTqm2fm9AI

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  1. A day has both a dark part "night" and a "light" part day.. so the 7th "day" started when the 6th day ended at evening. The worship part or rest from your work goes from Sunrise to Sunset. Then the 7th "day" ends and 1st "day" begins. Evening to Evening is a 24 hour period which is call a day..1st..2nd..3rd..etc. yet the daylight portion is 12 hours

  2. Good explanation. I thought the root of yom being to be hot was excellent. That was new information to me. One thing I would suggest is to mention Gen 1:4 and how it says light and darkness are SEPARATED. This is a key point to the argument of a 12 hour day/sabbath. Also this point is stated three times in Genesis 1.

    On a separate note, please take a closer look at the Greek for verses Mat 28:1, Mar 16:2, Luk 24:1, Joh 20:1, etc. Look at how the Greek word σαββατων (sabbath) is translated. In the same way that 'day' is incorrectly thought of as a 24 hour period of time by the majority, the resurrection timing is also thought of incorrectly by the majority. The scriptures do not tell us that Jesus was resurrected on a Sunday. Be very careful with English translations as they are translations made by men who are fallible.

  3. My brother thank you for this teaching YAHUAH giving of the Mana in Exodus 16 taught our ancestors when the Shabbat began and ended it is very clear that the Shabbat Yom begins the morning of the 7th day and ends at sunset

  4. I used to keep sabbath Friday to Saturday evening but my pastor showed me the scriptures; Leviticus 23: 27 could seen as keeping the sabbath; I would have liked more reasonings on this verse though but thanks a lot for the teaching. I personally don’t believe that the Lord would be angry or one be sent to hell if they gave a whole day to Him?

  5. Thank you for this clarification. But, aren't we in error if we are following Pope Gregory's (Gregorian) Calendar?
    In other words, isn't a calendar month, based on the Hebrew Calender different than the one that the world follows?
    I'm honestly only asking as it wasn't mentioned. (Thank you)

  6. Another reference of sabbath being day/light/understanding:
    Eternal Light, the Light of YAHUAH, no darkness/night/blindness/no understanding:
    Rev 22:4-5 KJV
    4 And they shall see his face; and HIS name shall be in their foreheads.
    5 And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the **YAHUAH Alohim giveth them light**: and they shall reign for ever and ever.

  7. There's a 24 hour day and there's a 12 hour day time day. Of course, these timings vary which is why you have to observe the cycle of sunset to sunset to be sure to observe the entire 24 hour period, not just a 12 hour period which would not be 1 out of 7 periods. That would be 1 out of 14 periods.

  8. SHABBATH DAY is 24 Hours..
    It's Not 12 Hours..
    YAHUSHA Mashyakh was in the Grave THREE DAYS..
    Tomorrow Does Not mean MORNING…
    A DAY is 24 Hours..
    PASSOVER is 24 Hours..
    SHABBATH is 24 Hours..
    A FULL MONTH is EVENING & MORNING 24 Hours Cycle..
    A WHOLE DAY is Not 12 Hours..
    It means that YAHUSHA spent 36 Hours in the GRAVE..

  9. Brother its me again. I am confused with Acts 27:27 to Acts 27:33. I believe the day does not start at sunset, but this chapter confuses me. Can you share understanding on this when you can. Shalom!

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