Why We Don’t Need Their Va((ine: The Most High Gave Us This Remedy

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  1. Shalom achi. I enjoy your classes. I teach as well. Just as a suggestion you may want to check out Microsoft Teams as an 2nd option to Zoom.

    Other than that, good info on the Vacc. I'm not sure if it's the mark, but I'm definitely not taking it.

    Lastly, I'm preparing a memo for my class to protect themselves against jobs trying to force them to take it. I wouldn't mine exchanging your thoughts on the memo to empower our people. Yah baraq.

  2. Great teaching once again. This will be my first time doing Passover and I don't know the exact date it is this year as I have seen a few differing dates. What are supposed to do? It would be good if you put a guide up on your website on how to prepare ourselves for the feast days please. I don't want to do what I think. Please help. Thank you.

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