Understanding the Faith Of Yahusha

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  1. Greetings brother in the name of Yehovah Elohim and the Messiah Yehoshua; another great teaching again from faith to faith I never got that one thanks for this. I just recovered from the big C at home, it was faith in The Most High and using his natural treatment he provides for us that brought me through. When it's not your time you cannot leave simple, these people need to stop running scared. I still have family members talking nonsense about the jook smh!

  2. l have come into the truth and has been awake for about 1-1/2 now. I thank the MOST HIGH for leading me to this wonderful teaching channel. These teachings has blessed me and has allowed me to see truth for what it truly is. I have been lied to in these churches for many years but not anymore APTTMHY. keep up the good work my beautiful Brother. Yahuah bless you and your family abundantly.

  3. Thank you for your teaching on faith. I only understood what faith was really about a few years ago. All the time people say "have faith" but what does faith actually mean. I didn't get it. I came to understand that faith was an action word, not a passive one. I understood that it was believing, acting, hoping and trusting all rolled into the word faith. You added to my learning today, that your faith makes you well. I saw that in a totally different way. If you believe and not doubt. I guess this is why placebo is a good demonstration of faith in action.

  4. A faithful person will walk in truth. I took the shot. Show me in the bible where it says I took the mark of the beast? We can't go on our opinions.

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