What Does It Mean To Take A Mark (Revelation 13)?

The mark of the beast, one of the most famous prophecies in the Bible is grossly misunderstood. We will dig into what it means to take a mark so as to give more insight into Revelation 13:16-17.

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  1. I realized nanotechnology is VERY common and VERY advanced…Science hides a lot of truth in deception and i think this is one of them IMO. Nanoparticle and "nanobot" is just another buzzword made complicated. It just means a very, very, very fine particle. Just like how smoke penetrates a piece of meat, a particle can be refined and made "smaller". (Like how you can boil a drink to make a syrup, and add a chemical to extract the sugar from the syrup, then add a chemical (acid) to the sugar to break it down even further. Their deception is in atom NONSENSE and "illustrations" of these compounds. They make it seem way more complicated and the illustrations are more of an artistic interpretation than an actual picture. Every shot and medicine has been nanotechnology and nanobiotic. Refine a metal into an oxide and use other compounds derived from plants to essentially "replicate" a organic compound. And then our body transfers and interacts with these compounds naturally. So they get some inorganic compound like a metal or medicine and combine it with a nano fungus that's synergetic with our bodies to find ways to trick our bodies into receiving that compound, merging with it, replicating its structure, doing weird things etc. This is exactly how advanced drugs, viruses, and stuff are made. For a lot of people this sounds like common sense just explained, but imo, i think the reality of advanced technology is gatekept well. To say in 10-20 years the only thing we have managed to develop and show is electric cars or more efficient stuff is pure deception. Then to make it worst they SEO and black sheep all the keywords that can lead people to a better understood truth (like chemtrals). And all the school kids probably wont really learn about these nanoparticles, or the derivatives of the chemicals, or the technique to create the correct reactions, the desired products of the reactions, or even able to practice this in practicality without already being fed a million lies (gatekept)

    spongebob episode of grey goo…. Self-replication is probably the earliest recognized and best-known long-term danger of molecular nanotechnology (MNT). This centres upon the idea that self-replicating nanorobots capable of functioning autonomously in the natural environment could quickly convert that natural environment (i.e. 'biomass') into replicas of themselves (i.e. 'nanomass') on a global basis. Such a scenario is usually referred to as the 'grey goo' problem but perhaps more properly termed 'global ecophagy' (Freitas). The main feature that distinguishes runaway replication as a long-term environmental concern is the extreme difficulty involved in constructing machines with the adaptability of living organisms. As Freitas notes: Now lets look at the molecular action of the new C 19 pill “molnupiravir”. “””” When it enters the cell, it is converted into RNA-like building blocks. In the first phase, the viral copying machine, called RNA polymerase, incorporates these building blocks into the RNA genome of the virus. However, unlike Remdesivir, which slows down the viral RNA polymerase, Molnupiravir does not directly interfere with the function of the copying machine. Instead, in the second phase, the RNA-like building blocks connect with the building blocks of the viral genetic material. “When the viral RNA then gets replicated to produce new viruses, it contains numerous errors, so-called mutations. As a result, the pathogen can no longer reproduce,””” C 19 is fake, so ignore the “viral” word. Remsesivir is pretty much all other “vir’s”, like hiv medication and such but different in a way that it does not slow down or block, but actually CONNECTS with the building blocks of genetic material, and this genetic material then replicates, but contains errors or “mutations”. This is just like how a biologically weaponized virus actually works, by connecting with your generic material and replicating with errors. BUT, i think this pill could also damage control and a tactic. Create the problem to be as serious as aids but as common as the "flu"(but its really deception, flu went down because at first c 19 was the flu, but the flu really is just your body detoxifying itself annually…Anyways), add your updated tech as the solution (but its really a problem/new tech), then damage control with the temporary "solution" to your own problem (the bad pills). And knowing peoples fear and comfort, they will probably desire to take this pill every time they get sick or are around someone who they think 'gave them something'. And in a way they make the main solution even more attractive. Just like how people who are tired with the lockdowns and mandates will tell you to "just get it". Their real plan is to drag it out. Also, the nose tests go for your blood brain barrier. A emf worker said that a nose swab should be on the inside corner, instead of the top middle of forehead. Well, now it makes sense knowing about nanoparticles (more about that below)

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