MY DAUGHTER’S DREAMS ABOUT THE COLOR OF THE MESSIAH AND WHY IT MATTERS | Please Share! Today I look at a series of dreams my daughter told me she had, revealing the color and general appearance of Adam and Eve and the Messiah Yahusha (who the world erroneously calls Yahusha HaMashiach) who she saw in different dreams in different situations.

These dreams are presented against the general cliche that it doesn’t matter what he looked like. We will therefore also show why it really does matter what he looked like and why we must know who the Israelites are today.

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  1. That is not what the original text of the bible in Greek says written by the Apostle John in the Greek language…14Στο κεφάλι του οι τρίχες ήταν κάτασπρες σαν ολόλευκο μαλλί ή σαν χιόνι και τα μάτια του ήταν σαν τη φλόγα της φωτιάς. 15Τα πόδια του έμοιαζαν με χρυσάφι πυρωμένο στο καμίνι. Η φωνή του ηχούσε σαν τη βουή του καταρράκτη. 16Στο δεξί του χέρι κρατούσε εφτά αστέρια, κι από το στόμα του έβγαινε ένα αιχμηρό δίκοπο σπαθί. Το πρόσωπό του έλαμπε σαν τον ήλιο σ’ όλη του τη λαμπρότητα…it says his ( hairs ) on his head where as white as snow and wool..his eyes were like the flames of fire and feet like burning gold in a furnace..and his voice like falling waterfalls..his face shined like the his mouth was a sword and in his right hand 7 it does not matter what he looked like but who he was our Lord and Savior Yeshua.. Just wanted to tell you because the Bible has been misinterpreted and written by many ..God Bless !

  2. They were jet black as we jamaicans would say…….and funny how they taught us that nothing good never comes out of black……anything black is destruction. That is why from ever since they treated us like nothing. But woe unto them when the no good Black Messiah comes for his ppl with the sword of DESTRUCTION for the evil ones.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I believe Yahuah had Yahushua to look like that on purpose very unattractive and very dark skinned for several reasons. It was done on purpose. 1. To see if people would look on the out appearance of a man, or to focus on His message and who He was, and people would reject Him, thinking He isn't the true Messiah because of His looks. Rather they are truly sincere about knowing truth and really wanting salvation by pay attention to what really matters His message of salvation, or judging Him, by His unattractive looks. I love Him for who He is, not by what He looks like. That's why we should never judge a book by its cover. He is more to than anybody in this world. HalleluYAH to my black Savior 🙌🏿

  4. i dreamnt of him and saw that his skin color is dark. It is a bronze brown color. i saw him whipping a blonde white woman at a control center. they do the bidding of the princes that are over their particular nations. These princes were given their authority by satan himself.

  5. Actually it doesn't matter what your daughter dreamed. It's just a 'dream'. I dreamed of Jesus as well and he looked just like that pic you put up with question of " 👉then who is this?" on it so..🤔

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