Understanding The Bible: Why Every Single Christian Bible Teacher Is Misleading You

We begin part 1 of our Understanding the Bible series by looking at the fact that every single Christian Bible teacher in this world is misleading you. Throughout our series, it will become quite clear to you that Christianity is the religion of confusion. With over 40,000 denominations worldwide, there is none who actually teach the truth but are the blind leaders of the blind.

How then can those persons teach you how to understand the Bible?

How can I teach that which I do not understand? Sadly, this is what has happened to us. We are being taught by so-called experts who are under a strong delusion. They may have studied the Bible for 50 years, yet if they are missing a few ingredients, they cannot get the truth from scripture.

What do I mean?

When you get to understand that the Bible is not about a religion, but about a nation, and all those persons teaching you how to understand the Bible are teaching about a religion (Christianity or Rastafarianism, etc) and not about the nation, then you see we have a big problem on our hands.

What’s more, the Most High declared that he only showed his word to this one nation of people and none other. What we have is that nations of people (Gentiles) to whom the word was not given have positioned themselves as authority on understanding scripture. Do you see the dilemma we have on our hands?

Therefore this first video in our Understanding the Bible series will show you why we are being misled by teachers to whom the word was not given. As a result, they preach a different, accursed gospel from that preached by the Messiah and his Apostles (Galations 1 verses 8-9).

Watch all the videos in this series and at the end, you should get an understanding of exactly what the Bible is saying and no man should be able to mislead you again.

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