Who is Yahusha HaMashiach?

Who is Yahusha HaMashiach? It might sound like a simple and straightforward question. Most would respond by saying that Yahusha HaMashiach is the son of Aluah. Others may say he is the HaMashiach or the Messiah. Others may say it is the European name for the Hebrew Messiah.

However, it gets much deeper than that. Yahusha HaMashiach is not who we think he is. This video reveals who Yahusha HaMashiach really is, coming as it were, “from the horse’s mouth.”

Esus The Druid Sun Savior https://werdsmith.com/genesology/CfuAiB4W6.
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Esus Crios (Iesous Christos)

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  1. This video exposes who the Jesus Christ of Christianity really is, including his origins and how he made his way to Rome. Hint? He is not who you think he is.

  2. But you know that Yahuah is the master of spirits aka the holy spirit yet invisible and Yahusha was there at creation visible because Yahusha is the right hand of Yahuah and the king of kings. It's weird to say that man and woman become one but to say Yahuah and Yahusha aren't one is also weird. Why has Yahusha the name above all names prophesied in Enoch? Why will every knee bow down to him? Because he is with the father and he will save us. Christians are in error for many things like the trinity and Sunday worship but we need discernment on certain topics. Yah bless you brother

  3. Jesus is the anitchrist !
    The letter I, and j didn't come into the alphabet until 1525c, Jesus is a Greek name . He is not a Greek, Yahusha's is an Israelite, like his father Yahuwah !
    The both have their names in it " YAH "

  4. Catholicism is Christianity. Catholicism came into being after Constantine Augustus told all of the leaders, of all of religions of the world, to come up with one religion. So, they all agreed upon "Catholicism," which means "universal religion." So, they put the Christian "New Testament" on the back of the Jewish "TaNaCH" or "Old Testament." Have you ever wondered why Jewish Rabbi's haven't went to the supreme court and demand that the "New Testament" be taken off of their Bible? They are all in on it together. Most people don't see this.

  5. hi someone just asked me where you got those quotes and scripture from.. like the whole bible is corrupted by taking away and adding (i know that) but what do i tell this person. All i know is that many people like yourself perhaps translate and quote from Hebrew and Greek? perhaps strongs concordance..? help please

  6. Teach truth my brother! The people need the truth! I told many about the dream the Most High gave me… He said to me a dream I had about 2 years ago that, “MANY YEARS AGO WHEN THEY UPDATED THE BIBLE(meaning they tampered with His holy words) they TOOK HIS TRUE NAME OUT AND NAMED HIM JESUS!” That’s when I woke from the dream.

  7. As someone who has been struggling to find my way, it's absolutely no wonder as to why.. when this whole time, we've been taught a lie.. this video really helped me to see things a lot clearer, thank you 🙂

  8. So many false statements in this video and twisting of the word of God. You have some real issues if you believe this video. Try listening to John Macarthur if you need better understanding of scripture because this deceiver will do nothing more than confuse you. Also on a side note of course Jesus wasn't white lol he was a Hebrew so of course he would have had dark skin but sadly that might be the only thing he is almost correct on. This guy should repent of his deception before it's to late!

  9. If u think the Christian religion is the true religion then why don't u learn about islam and choose whatever u want u will not lose anything 👍

  10. Wow so much I have learned today I have had to do a lot of clearing my mind of all I have taken from the church this is Bad the LIES they have had us all fooled for so long I really do Thank the Most High to have found this Channel He really Is amazing All praises now I have a start to cleanse myself of all this ungodly doctrine and follow the right way now Thank you so much for your works.

  11. I learned the truth. I learned it since 2018. I learned I am an Israelites from the tribe of Levi. Haiti is a slave name the land my captivity. I learned the Most High God of Israel his name is Yahawah Bahasham. His Son name is not Jesus Christ, It is Yahawashi Hamashiach. He is a Dark Brown black Messiah. And looks like me. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

  12. load of rubbish the only thing this muslim guy got right is jesus was a black man. another thing muslim got right is jesus never said he was God yea he never said that so what he's saying jesus is the antichrist is load of rubbish. miss interpretation of scripture chap good try but only demons will follow you

  13. get it right they were called Hebrews going all the way back to Abram they were not called Christians even in jesus time they were Hebrews. the followers of jesus broke up into various groups the first church name was called the Way not Christian then a group called the Essenes the followers of jesus broke away from the Hebrews the pharasies. Ptolemy the 1st one of Alexander generals took over Egypt after Alexander death. Ptolemy was obsessed by History by knowledge so built Alexandria the great library of Egypt he wanted to know about the god of the Hebrews not Christians so he he got 72 priest to translate the Torah or pentateuch into Greek called Septuagint. All the rulers called themselves gods. That book was in exsitant in jesus time it was also used by the Hebrews well into 600 ad until the masoretic text was copied. by the Maserati. The followers of jesus were not called Christians the first church was called the Way. They had various churchs scattered around Israel like the 7 churchs in revalation they were not called Christians. The followers of jesus grew into the early 100s until The Roman Catholic Emperor Constantine hyjack the church of jesus killed all who new the true faith burned all there books as far as im concerned this is the Christians up to today run by the Vatican. The true churchs of jesus are those who servived the killings of the catholic inquisition and labeled Heritics. If you want to find your way the the realm of lights Jesus is the only way. Satan in the form of Vatican Muslim all who try to lead people away from jesus will not succeed. yes Jesus was a black man you all have to acknowledge that fact. He never called himself God when on earth because there is no such word where he is. He mentions father and son only and the holy spirit who is here on this earth came down when Jesus went back up.Jesus came to earth for one reason only to show us how to find our way to the light land of every lasting light through the 12 because no man's souls were being saved since the creation of Arama Adam and Eve. Satan or Lucifer or Sammiel or Yaldabaoth what ever name entered into peoples mind body and soul as he is doing today blinding us from seeing the true light. How is Satan doing his work of cause you know Greed where do you find greed in every religion has a big bank account the vatican has the biggest. Muslim Hindu all Christian all have big accounts. amongst all of these jesus has his selected souls who have seeked who have asked who knock on his door every minute Satan lucifer cant touch theses ones. if you want to be one of these souls do what jesus said seek seek seek until you find your way to the light it is closer to you than you know. Ask ask ask jesus he will tell you. Knock Knock Knock he will always open the door for you no matter how bad you are he will forgive you find your way to the light people it is closer to you than you think take your human mask off then you will see a man or a woman we are not Human a fiction name corperations use to take control or extract money from you. using Human rights save the planet pay to breath free air carbon tax. Humanity save the children save Ukraine all money goes to the ones who created the problem not the ones who need the help check it out Satan is at hand he rules this world he created it. find your way to Jesus least your soul will perish with your matter

  14. Greeting and God bless! I just have two quick questions please answer,
    1. What bible are you reading from so this isn't any confusion? Is it the OJB, NKJV, the Greek or Aramaic?
    2. Are you stating Christianity is pagan and also only the "Hebrews" have salvation?

  15. Brother the hypnosis music was to loud for me. I couldn’t get pass those music sounds, at many points the music kinda drowned you out. I got loss and couldn’t get through it. Your points were more important then the music playing in the background but to me the music drown you out. To loud gave me a headache at the beginning did not make it to the end Much Respect.

  16. Faith=believing when we can’t see ALL
    Hope=knowing we are sinful no matter what we do, and that His love covers us
    Charity=love in action despite not being able to see and being sinners WE TRY BY LOVE to correct our sin

  17. I'm even more confused now….please help…. what Bible does one use, where can I get the Word that uses the name yahuah…. all I want is truth

  18. Jesus is in deed the son of God. And God is one of the fallen angels/Satan. The gentiles were given over to the fallen angels in the tower of Babel hence the multiple names of God in different tribes. In deed, the gentiles have only worshiped devils/Idols.I choose to worship YAH, the mighty one of Yahsharel. I believe in salvation through Yahusha the Messesiah. May YAH's peace which transcend human understanding cover me and may He have mercy on me, a sinner. Thank you for highlighting this truth.

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