The Great Christian Deception

The great Christian deception? What do we mean? How many of us having received Christianity, took the time to study who Yahusha HaMashiach is, who Aluah is, and who the Lord is? How many of us stopped to think that it may be a great deception?

The Bible says the earth is given into the hand of the wicked. If the earth is given into the’ hand of the wicked, how can we accept a religion from the rulers of the earth (the wicked), without questioning what we had been given?

Today, we look at the great Christian deception by looking at the question, who is Yahusha HaMashiach? Please watch this very revealing teaching done with the aid of presentation slides

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  1. So I’m not sure if it’s this study or not but what did you say about not being baptized in Yahusha’s name? If we can’t find anyone to baptize us what do we do? I believe that the Ruach Hakodesh still can guide us in all truth, He has for me, but are we missing Him coming inside us?

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