Who are Esau’s Descendants Today? How Job 9:24 reveals them to us

Who are Esau’s Descendants Today? Did you know that a few verses points us to them? Job 9-24 tells us whose hand the world is in, and 2 Esdras 6:9 tells us that the world will be in the hand of Esau in the end time.

This is particularly important as many are trying to say that Edom are those living in the original abode of the Edomites, which is Mount Seir, located in the country of Jordan. However, Esau’s seed was spoilt as they mingled with Chittim, who were the descendants of Japheth.

The following verse summarizes what happened to Edom:

Jer 49:10  But I have made Esau bare, I have uncovered his secret places, and he shall not be able to hide himself: his seed is spoiled, and his brethren, and his neighbors, and he is not.

Edom will not be able to hide himself. “His seed is spoilt” means inter-race breeding, which changes his appearance. “He is not” means he no longer looks like how Esau’s descendants originally looked. However there is what sounds like a contradiction: Esau will not be able to hide himself.

So Esau is bare, easy to find, even though he does not look like he did originally. Unfortunately, one thing does not change about Esau, and that is his wickedness. There is a reason the Most high called his seed “the border of wickedness,” and this wickedness cannot be hid, even today.

Hence, in this video, we show who the wicked of the earth is today: the sons of Edom: the border of wickedness (Obadiah 1-18).

So watch the video as we reveal who are Esau’s descendants today.

Full article: Who are the Edomites today?

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  1. Omgudniss!!! My son & I were talking about this JUST now!!! Some of the same scriptures
    u used, I also used as reference as well. Confirmation. Ofcourse, u went deeper in it than I did. Will preview this with him later. Thanks for this, a lot I didn't know, but have now learned. These ppl are the epitome of evil. Yet, Yahuah be eternally praised amongst HIS ppl Israel.

  2. You did very well on this video thanks for the video! I went to Kenneth Copeland official channel and I saw the same video of him saying "I demand a vaccine" wow these ppl are wicked as hell!!!!! Thanks for revealing that to me wow!!!!

  3. Want to know who is Edom (Esau) Today? If we suppose to be Jacob (Israel Gal 6:16), wouldnt it pay to know who hates us and is going to kill us (martyr) in the end? A MUST WATCH! Shalom, Malachi from The Qodesh Calendar.

  4. The Catholic Church has always been a 'whore', which combined paganism and Christianity.
    Second, Copeland is a FALSE TEACHER. I love to see racism thrown out and using the scriptures to do so.
    So, what we have here is racism under the guise of scripture. Maybe you all need to read what Yeshua, (Jesus) said about judging and about forgiveness.
    Next. You call the God of Israel Yahuah. This is a false interpretation of Yahweh. I understand you use the name Judah and remove the Daleth to "get God's name". This is false, as is the doctrine in this video.


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