Is There Anywhere In The Bible That Tells Us That A Va((ine Can Be The Mark Of The Beast?

Is there anywhere in the Bible that tells us anything about a va((ine? If so, is there anywhere that tells us a va((ine could be the mark of the beast?



15 Deadly Errors of Christianity:

Precept Must Be Upon Precept! Deadly Christian Errors Pt.2:

The Fourth Kingdom, The Mark Of The Beast & The Elect


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  1. Is it possible that the mark isn't a literal mark but a symbolic one? The right hand representing a persons work and the forehead representing a persons mind. I once heard a song that said something about this. "I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind". Without money you can't buy,sell,trade. Then the symbols on american currency and the fact that the American dollar is basically the world's currency. It literally means a new order of the ages" and all the merchant soft the earth get wealthy by the American dollar. The vaccine is not meant to change anything but soley to make the drug companies wealthy.

  2. Another form of sorcery are essential oils. They are good for your health but have become like gods. There are oils to relax, to be cheerful, to forgive, to overcome traumas, to sleep good, for prosperity, to be loyal, you name it. It's witchcraft! Something else that I believe got the nations where they are is the many times they participated in satanic rituals, as watchers, while watching TV. They are bewitched that's why they can't see nor hear nor think. I always knew that the mixing of clay with iron was the mixing of man and machine. It just does not mixed. It will appear that it does but it won't. Sadly people is so immersed in technology that many will rush to it.

  3. People don’t get it that the forehead means what you believe . Your being fooled into doing it . And further more those who won’t be fooled will still have to face it once the worship mark comes into place. They are fooling people with these dumb movie portraying the mark as some huge writing across your forehead . They want you to believe that so that you don’t think about what it really is . And this is exactly what’s happening now . A huge deception and many are accepting the mark and dying right afterward and those who did not die are still dead already because they took it . We have been warned for 8 months by everyone even celebs . If these People don’t get it by now , they never will . And thanks for being a watchman for this colt 45 j @ b .

  4. So right brother! 2rd Esdras chapter 5:1. The token their means pledge that our generation will align with science over Yehovah Eloah!

  5. Excellent breakdown, Ahch! When you were talking about the fourth beast, I thought about the one scripture in Revelations, wisdom! I lost my notes, but I do remember wisdom is the same as knowledge, which means diverse in all matters, Greek word, Sophia Didn't the scripture say that this fourth beast will be diverse from all others? I believe it might be in Daniel 2? In closing, I enjoy all of your excellent lessons. APTTMH!

    AMEIN !

  7. There is one thing we can test for in our blood that tells us Man is not descended from Apes as Darwinist believe (not proven as it's still theory) proves Man is descended by "Theory of Evolution" by *Natural Selection*! ….their claim is that Rhesus Blood Factor proves "Evolution Theory"!
    Yet… if it did everyone would have Rhesus D Antigen Blood Factor!

    This is not the case however because like me I have the highest percentage of Neanderthal genes you can have. Also Science tells us that Neanderthal remains have tested O-Null for any blood factors. Meaning it's unlikely they would test as anything other than O-Null! ….except if they mixed w/ Female Modern Man Specie!

    Now I'm rarer than most as both my father & Mother are A-Neg (father) & B-Neg (mother) for AB-Neg and that's 0.7% of the population that test as AB-Rhesus Negative!
    How does this happen? Science is still researching the origins of Rhesus Negative. But for sure I'm not a descendant of monkeys and that's something that Darwinist won't talk about!

    But today if a Rh-Neg Woman has a baby w/ an Rh-Positive Man… she could develop Protein Antigens that could reject and kill the baby. If the opposite then the baby will survive although the Rh-Neg Blood children will continue to spread Rh-Negative Blood Factor and never end this Blood Factor. While also occasionally very rarely producing even rarer Rhesus Null offspring as a Throw Back to Neanderthal O-Nulll no matter the blood type!

    This is why I think Rh-Negatives aren't aliens like some try to make out that we are. It just means that it was much rarer for a O-Null woman. Because Neanderthals could produce Protein Antigens that rejected positive babies unless… Modern Male's genetic Rh-Factor had some Rh-Neg exposure. Which could lead to why Neanderthals went Extinct… while Rh-Neg Modern Man genes won out!

    It would also tell us why 1 species cross Hybrids never procreate as… even though Neanderthal to Modern Man are both Humans…. not a crossbreed hybrid. And this brings me back to it seems Rh-Neg people seem to be protected against COVID Virus and these vaccines would would not be able to replicate with them able to create Protein Antigens to make the vaccines ineffective against these/myself included Throwback Neanderthals still not carrying Rhesus Negative blood factors!

  8. I will never take the Vaccine 💉 however I did take a Covid test back in early
    2020 . Ethelyne oxide. I had no idea back then. I’d never get
    One now knowing what I know.

  9. The word 'sorcery', by extension, means "magic" also. The 'magic' implied here is Artificial Intligence. The US companies like Google, Microsoft, Tesla etc., are at the forefront of AI also.

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