15 Deadly Errors Of Christianity

In this live teaching, we look at 14 deadly errors of Christianity. We were originally to do 15, but forgot to add the 15th one in the end. This #15 is “Not Using Isaiah 28:9-13 to Understand Scripture.” This, hopefully. I will look at in a separate video.

These deadly errors of the Christian religion are damnable errors for which the Bible shows, destruction awaits. Every single Christian is under threat from these deadly errors.

Watch part 2 (Deadly Christian Error #15): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bGlMftjRYQ.

Also mentioned in this video: http://justaword.org/why-the-institutional-church-is-not-biblical/

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  1. Brother Samuel, I was reading, and studying your comments, I got as far as Mathew 15:21 and was researching the faith of the Canaanite woman. When all comments disappeared, and was unable to finish our study, but I do feel that the point is taken. Thank you for your in depth response, with Yahouhas love your brother in Him. Fred

  2. The Church comes from the house of baal, The church is just a remix of baal worship without child sacrifice. They have christmas every green trees that comes from the baal worship. Yehoshua /Yeshua is in the 1560 Geneva bible index as Iehoshua/Ieshua because no J was in english at time. These christians need to do their research before rebuking people smh!

  3. I've heard folks also use the teachings of Paul to justify the current structure of Church. Do you have a teaching on that and how that relates to what you said about what the assembly was and what was modeled by early believers? 1 Tim 3: 1 – 13

  4. "Whites"(Funny you call yourself an isrealite but won't specify on the nation you're speaking of…Maybe Africans could lead your congregations since just blacks to rule whites?)

    Gentile are in control of Christianity because its punishment to the hebrews for rebellion against his word. Gentiles are also grafted unto Isreal.

    Wake up, texts fragments etc come from the middle east, all translated by gentiles because hebrew people were in bondage in all the nations of the earth, freed yet hidden jews in all nations by bloodline. Regardless, Jesus promise was that the gospel will be spread to the gentile and isreal downtrodden by the gentiles until his return.

    SO deal with it, and love your neighbour, he didnt say love your Jew and not the gentile. We are also to be good servants…"The greatest amongs you will be servants of many"

    And on his name just as your partner said, Gad is God it's the same, so is Jesus and Yahusha
    Jesus is greek rendition because they don't pronounce gutteral sounds. God loves that you care about the his name but not at the cost of whats important. Hebrew is not a spoken language as it was, we speak English, you are reading out of an English bible, and speaking and Hebrew name, when there is an English and panish and Latvian. Yes Demons are casted out in the name of Jesus.

    Also proof God doesnt care in revealtion Yahusha called the Fallen Anger "ABADDON and in the greek tongue APPOLYON". there Jesus says i get you, just to make sure you know in greek they call him abaddon and i understand for…of course, he is the LORD OF LORDS

    The problem in Christianity may be paul or people Understanding of him. DO this and LOVE remember it's a Jewish trait to be stubburn and obstinate and God hated Isreal for it.

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