Hebrew Israelite Errors Part 1: Following The Wrong Way

This is the introductory video to our series entitled “Hebrew Israelite Errors.” This episode looks at the error of following the wrong way. We look at THE WAY that the Apostles and early believers of the bible followed.

Additionally, we also look at the fact that there is nowhere in scripture where we see the term Hebrew Israelite and that the word Hebrew is synonymous and exclusive to Israelites today.

So this video has laid the foundation for us to look at the second video in our series, which is the error of baptism. Take a look at part 2: https://youtu.be/78AQnAFteOE.

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Comment (7)

  1. I called myself a Nazarene following the nazarite oath of no alcohol 🍷 I have never felt comfortable with Israelite because the real name is yasharahla of Yasharel . Also , those other ISH people call them selves Yahudiym which is correct . Plus they say Isreal means isis -Ra is El (power ). So the whole Hebrew israelite name never made sense to me . Thanks for this lesson I’m going to love this series . I actually was going to do it on my channel , but knew I’d get backlash for being a woman .

  2. Praises to Yah for these beautiful studies.
    my question is, I was baptized in the Adventiste church; with the truth that I'm learning, I have decided to get out of christianity, should I get baptize again?

  3. I understand that the origin Followers were called Nazarim. I also understand that Christian was use 3 times in the Bible. Twice in Acts as an Derogatory phrase and once by Peter. By Peter they defend their belief believing that Peter was implying to not be ashamed to be a Christian

    1st Peter ch 4 ver 16
    "Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf."

    If the word Christian was originally a insult, and he too was a Follower of the way, why is he saying Christians shouldn't be ashamed? Was this a mistranslation or added? Cause on this script alone, they cling to being Christians

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