Hebrew Israelite Errors Part 2: Water Baptism

Is water baptism necessary? In Part 2 of our Hebrew Israelite Errors series, we look at the question of baptism. Several Hebrew Israelite groups do not believe in water baptism. Is this what the bible says.

According to them, baptism is the word. In this video, we will show what the word itself really says about baptism to see if the Hebrew Israelite claim is backed by sound doctrine.

Take a look at part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1rAC789uJ4.

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Comment (8)

  1. Many people today are focused on Lil Nas X and his demonic shoe, but should be focused on being cleansed. Which means immersed.

    They give us new titles like deacon, bishop and baptism; in which we forget bishop is just a new title for the priesthood and baptism is just a new word for the spiritual cleansing through immersion.

    Hence, Yachonan the Immerser. Repent! The Kingdom is at hand!


  2. You are anointed with the truth brother I was arguing with another people about baptism they said is not necessary buh I I kept on tln them baptism of water is very important and necessary as the word of YAH says, thank you for putting it straight HALLELUYAH

  3. Does it matter if the immersion is done in a man made catchment
    e.g pool or should it be done in a natural water catchment? Is the scripture to support either?

  4. I believe we should be baptized over . But I still believe I received the true Ruach when I was baptized ten years ago in JC name , why ? Because I stayed the course of keeping the correct gospel , honoring all commandments for 11 years , and it was the spirit that led me to wake up to who I was , because TMH Knew my intentions and led me to where I am now . Now that I know , it’s time to be rebaptized into his true name . But I have no one to do it here in FL .can my husband and I do each other ? And in living water only ??

  5. Does it seem on scripture that any true follower of the way can baptize another? Do you need an elder? We only have a small assembly of three families who are following the way.


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