3 Days Of Darkness: What Does The Bible Say?

The 3 days of darkness is in the air. In this short video we look at what the bible says will happen in the end time regarding darkness covering the earth.

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  1. Hello brother! Please can you help me to understand the truth regarding the Vaccine and the Mark of the Beast? I’ve been trying to access your Beast Mark website for a little while now but it’s still unresponsive.
    However I just have a quick question. How can it be the Mark of the Beast when the bible says many will receive it in their right hand or forehead and not their right arm?
    Many people have also been receiving the vaccine in their left arm. So sorry to contact you this way regarding my question, is just that I do not have an email address where I can contact you.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Can you help me understand when the 42 months started? I assume it was when the first 💉 was given around December 2020? Please help me to understand it. Thank you!

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