The Mask, The Mark & The Second Exodus

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  1. The way I see the verse Hosea 2 16 is that we will no longer call YAHUAH (baali) "lord" as the world does call Him. Meaning in the wilderness we will no longer conform to the names the evil one has imposed upon us e.g baali meaning lord! Hosea 2 17 confirm that no longer shall we envoke those names.

    Hosea 2 17
    "I will remove the names of the Baals from her lips; no longer will their names be invoked."

  2. You are so right. Just obey, then the revelation will come. This is true faith. Abraham left his home, without knowing where he was going, and that's where he found his blessing. If we wait first to understand, then we are already operating in doubt and unbelief. Great teaching once again.

  3. I completely agree with your utterance, yesterday I attempted to get into a popular branded supermarket in Shepherds Bush, London and was prevented from entering because the security at the door said although I had covering (scarves folded twice) was inappropriate, he handed me a surgical mask, I refused and walked away. I found the same supermarket without any confrontation and got the items I needed.
    We the people are so quick to give up our basic human rights because of the devil's battle to try and over the MOST HIGH but the devil CANNOT win because it knows its time on earth is FINALLY HERE.

    Thanks for your programs, very informative


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