The Fourth Kingdom, The Mark Of The Beast & The Elect

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  1. This morning there was a gigantic solar flare. He didn't say if it was directed towards the earth but he said it is the biggest one ever seen.
    The channel is:
    Nemasis Maturity
    Could this be the day of YAHUAH?

  2. So many have been lied to about what the 4th kingdom is. The way you explain it gives such clarity and it matches up with scripture in so many ways that it is indisputable. Powerful teaching. Thanks

  3. Shalom Brother. How can one join your sabbath meetings?

    Gad= Gadr'EL=Satan= book of Enoch Chp 69:4 Lucifer He seduced Chuah this is satan.

    Question. who then is the beast that gets thrown into the lake in revelation 20:10. Wouldn't that be the son of perdition mentioned in 2nd Thessalonians 2:3?

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