Does It Matter Whether Or Not We Are Israelites?

Does it matter whether or not we are Israelites? Does it matter who we are? This video will show the utter danger of ignoring who the children of Israel are today, and the danger of ignoring our heritage.

Sadly, most of us didn’t know that the Bible actually promised destruction for those who forget his heritage in the end. That is why we continue to say it doesn’t matter who we are. Watch this teaching and you will see the error of this line of thinking.

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  1. I am from Puerto Rico. The only difference between African Americans, Haitians, Cubans, Jamaicans, Puerto Ricans, Bahamians, Dominicans, was just a boat stop. But I wonder how do I know I am or not. When the colonizers came to our island they rape many women and everyone mix with each other, something inside of me tells me that I am Israeli but I don’t know for sure yet I’m still learning, I’m basically new to the truth. It was last May when I woke up to our fathers true name and since them I left christianity for good. Now I live day and night learning the truth. I’m hidden in North GA mountains I want nothing to do with Babylon, it seems that I am the only one in all of family that is awake and aware of what is happening all around the world. I am waiting for our Messiah along with my two young daughters. I homeschool them. We have flee from Babylon late in 2019. We have detached from everything. We moved of the city and now we are in a remote place with less than 1,000 people. I have been preparing since last year for what is to come. I recently discovered this channel and it has been a blessing to me. Thank you so much for every teaching in this channel.

  2. As per Scripture, Flesh and Blood will not inherit the kingdom of YHW They that worship YHW must worship YHW must worship YHW in spirit and in truth. So it does not matter what your cells manifest to be whether you have more melanin or zero melanin flesh and blood will Never inherent the Kingdom of YHW. If one does not have the Spirit of YHW in this temple of flesh, no one no matter how Black your are you will not be saved. Yeshua became my curse and that curse died upon the Roman or Edomite tree. Yeshua overcame and we who believe on him are Blessed. The Kingdom of YHW is not flesh and blood nor meat nor drink. Yeshua was killed by those who focused on this World. We have to be careful of the mind of Edom whose focus is on this material organic World.

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