The Corrupted Gentile Salvation

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  1. This is why Yahusha is a stumbling block. Jesus is not a stumbling block, he is sand that lets anything through. The true son of The true Father is the true rock of offence. To despise the people, is to despise son, and to despise the son, is to despise The Father. How then can you say, we are going to heaven? To whom? The One that you hated and rejected and refuse to humble yourself to? As my Nigerian family would say…"Na wow oo". APTTMH. This is very much the end times, since such truths are being taught to those who have ears to listen, and to those whose hearts will be broken by denying self and forsaking all for the truth of the Word. We are who we are. We are who we are.

  2. Shalom brother! I am a set apart born again gentile believer in YAHUSHA/YAHUAH and keep His feasts and Shabbat. But I am a stranger among my own gentile people and alone; a misfit. I do not call myself a christian, but a natzarene. As believing gentile we are grafted in to the commonwealth of Yisrael; the wild branch is grafted in through the faith in our beloved YAHUSHA HA HAMASCHIACH. Blessings children of Yisrael. I see you brothers and sisters and have accepted the truth you say, and how the Scripture describes it. The truth will set us free! Praise YAH!

  3. I do not know if my nation Norway has been an oppressor of the colored brothers and sisters….I hope not. How is it if my nation has been, but me as an individual always have loved you? I have always been an outfit from my own people and lived on the bottom….And remember we did not know who Yasharal was before in this end time…..I am A humbled grateful servant of YASHARAL. Praise YAHUAH!

  4. Very good message I really enjoyed the what was said going to these churches back, in the day don't break these things down like you have so. lets give the most high all the praises I got to hear this message thank you Brothers for putting the work out in. Bless you all and your Families too .

  5. Got some thoughts I’d like to put out there from a gentile perspective. I was born again a few years ago and knew then I was a gentile according to the flesh, Or at least assumed I was because I have always been told like every one else, Jews were the ones in Israel today. I’ve always understood according to scripture I was grafted in and so do many other white Christian’s like myself. So most of our mindsets as gentile believers have never had an issue with that understanding and are grateful for Jesus’s blood. Now that the true Jew debate has become a big topic, I’m still a gentile and regardless of who the true Jews are Christ did die for me too. Is it possible that this true Jew debate has caused people to step out of faith (spirit) and back into sight (flesh), overlooking the fact that we have been born again by a new blood (christs blood) and in Christ their is neither Jew or Greek, male or female, bond or free. I agree my ancestors were wrong for slavery, Jew or not. Hitler was also wrong for the people he killed, Jew or not. So my biggest question with this whole true Jew debate stuff is this, if anyone regardless of their personal sins or ancestors sins, if a person has repented and their sins are cast into the sea of forgetfulness. Where does the genealogy debate fall in line for a means of salvation when scripture says not to dwell on genealogy and salvation for the gentiles was prophesied and then happened when Christ was rejected by His own. And if genealogy according to flesh does matter for salvation, how do I make sense of John 1:12-13 where a Son of God is born by believing in Jesus and is not based off the will of man, flesh, or blood? Not being facetious with my questions or statements but I too have been given the Holy Spirit and since then I have learned to more or less walk blind to the things of this fleshly eye and use my spiritual ear to seek the Lords voice as a guide in the dark. My eyes will lead me astray and so will my heart. That was proven to me when Jesus revealed Himself to me. So will past offenses in my personal life that the devil tries to use as a means of springing up bitterness in my heart to create unforgiveness in me. I’ve learned all of our real enemies are not people but the devil and demons who were given a dwelling place inside a persons body by means of fleshly lust, desire, power, greed, hate, pride, etc. All ungodly behavior gives way for demonic activity. Not down playing any evil that has been done throughout history but now being in Christ, the only history that has been of any value to me has been Christ.

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