The Day of YAHUAH aka The Day of the Lord (KJV)

What is the day of YAHUAH? The day of YAHUAH, or as the King James Bible says “The Day of the Lord,” is a day that is prophecied heavily in the Bible throughout the prophets into the new testament. Yet, it is not that much emphasized. This is because it is trivialized by Christianity.

Indeed, they preach that they (Christians) will not be here for this day, but will be raptured away before this happens. Hence, they do not place much focus on it.

However, sorry to say that if you are a Christian living in these end times you are going to be in shock and confusion when you see end-time events unfolding and find yourself here. You are going to be unprepared to go through, as there is no such thing as your pre-tribulation rapture.

You may start by looking at our article entitled: “Who Will Be Taken and Who Will Be Left?” This shows for starters that the pre-tribulation rapture is a fallacy.

To confirm this day of YAHUAH, so many people have been getting dreams for years about a day of destruction that is coming on this earth. So we begin by looking at 2 such dreams… one sent to us via Whatsapp by a friend sometime last year, and one recently by a member of our group. We use these dreams to highlight that the day may be nearer than we think.

Indeed, in one of the dreams, the person dreamt that when they were running from the wrath of YAHUAH on the day of YAHUAH, they ran to churches, and the doors of the churches were shut. Could that be referring to around this time when indeed the doors of the churches worldwide have been shut due to the coronavirus?

Hence we go through the Bible showing the prophecies of the day of YAHUAH, showing that it is a recurring prophecy throughout the book which we mostly ignore. Most of us look for the return of the Messiah, but ignore the wrath of YAHUAH, the day of YAHUAH that will herald his return.

So watch this video as we look at the dreams, matching them up with scripture, as we look at understanding the day of YAHUAH, the destruction of Babylon and the liberation of his people, the children of Israel. This is a day that may not be as far away from us as most think. Watch the video.

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