New Testament Tithes and Offerings?

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  1. Christindom is responsible for turning the beautiful art of giving, into something quite ugly and has turned everything upside down. Scriptures say it is better to give than to receive, yet these mega churches take and take and take whilst their widows and poor suffer and struggle. Just pure and utter wickedness. Most of us who came out of Churchianity have a stigma attached to any mention of giving but we need to heal from that and go about our Father's business. We have to support each other, it our way of life. Let us do what is true and right and support one another. Your ministry needs our support. We can't eat the produce and give nothing back. That's wrong. As a nation of believers, it is our duty to share with one another in truth and love. Not begrudgingly but in total freedom and gladness. Yahuah is not a slot machine and it is abominable in my view to give only because we expect a return in some form of monetary or worldly gain. It is baruch to simply give with gladness of heart. Shaul puts this well in 1 Corin… This was written for our benefit so that the person who plows or threshes should expect to receive a share of the crop. 11 If we have planted the spiritual seed that has been of benefit to you, is it too much if we receive part of the harvest from your earthly goods? Let us do what is right in the sight of Yahuah, we do our bit, you do yours and He does His.

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