Why We 100% MUST Be Baptized: This Is He That Came By Water & Blood

1 John 5:6 tells us about he (the Messiah) who came by water and blood. In this video we look at the significance of this verse and see how it directly points to baptism.

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  1. My wife and I need to be baptized in the true name of our Messiah. How can we do that if there's nobody I know that calls Yahusha HaMashiach by his true name in and around where I live? Saskatchewan, Canada. I would really like that to happen. Can you help us get that done? Praise and honor to Yahuah if you can help us make that happen. Let me know brother.

  2. That same water that saved Noah and the Israelites, destroyed those who did not believe. Grace is only extended to the believers. Those who choose not to be baptized, will not fulfill all righteousness.

  3. Yahuah is using you to edify HIS people All praises to Yahuah and Yahusha. I was emmersed in the name of Yahusha Ha'Machaich last year. Bless HIS holy and righteous name. By no other name man shall be saved. HalleluYAH

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