Do You Have The Testimony Of Yahusha? Part 2: Understanding the End Times

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  1. Covid=Divoc in Hebrew! Divoc mean possession of evil spirit. So any vaxx with formula C can't be good. I recently discovered this, brother your so right we have to prove all truth in these time.

  2. Thank you for a very encouraging teaching. I know people will be scared or reluctant to leave all their worldly wealth and possessions they have accumulated or the house or property they have worked hard for all these years, however, we have to weigh up what is more valuable and precious. Is it the word of The Almighty or stuff that will be looted or destroyed at the end? I faced the same dilemma and I'm not the only one, but, you put your head down in humility and obey The Almighty. The things or stuff we hold dear will not save us, in fact it is a hindrance to salvation especially at this time. We must trust and obey our Master, knowing all He has prepared for us will be beyond our comprehension, IF we obey and keep His word and commandments. What is soon to come is serious, so we must take Yah's word seriously. The Almighty will not wait for us to make up our minds. He will keep to His times, and when the time comes, He will execute judgement.

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