We Are In The End Time 4th & Final Kingdom: Here Are Your Choices

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  1. I need clarity here as I am at a crossroad as it relates to me being filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues as the spirit gives utterance. I am also able to discern. I am aware of us being the true Israelites,but I need you to expound on the Holy Spirit.

  2. Oh Baruch you my brother! I learn so much from your studies! I have one issue and it’s that I don’t know what my role is in this world. I try to share with my family and they’re adamant that they don’t want to hear it. I’m 64 and I work very very hard physically to provide for my grandson and I. My body is hurting so much because of a back surgery and RA along with fibromyalgia and when I’m done working, I clean houses for an airB&B, two and sometimes more, I have to cook diner to see Jelani, my grandson to work. After that I’m too beat to do anything other than clean up kitchen. I have only one day off for Sabbath and am so thankful that my boss allows me that as the weekend is so very busy for us! I am grateful to YAHUAH for providing work and taking care of our needs. My issue is how do I serve FATHER when I am so tired all of the time? How do I use my talent and not bury it like the person in the Holy Scriptures? I feel like I need clear directions like a child. Anyways thank you for letting me vent and perhaps help me in my dilemma! Also thank you so much for teaching us, I am so very grateful for you and the rest of the family! I live in Las Vegas! I love you guys!

  3. greeting brothers and sisters I recognize the comment made about Yahawashai Yahua in ancient Hebrew the true name. He is spirit and those who worship HIM must worship Him Him in spirit and in truth. Not race ,color or creed thinking you are better than your brother. Israel is not a piece of land but a nation made up of the ten tribes (I come for the lost sheep of the house of Israel,) The people that are in the land now are those who intermarried with Babylon during captivity and came back to the land. They are also known as Kzars ( they are not Jews) whom migrated from Russia .The real Jews are the Palestinians that ran and wanted to keep there farming land then assimilated into Arabs to protect themselves there families and land History is very important and is out there. White as wool means PURE

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