Can I Lose my Salvation?

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  1. I didn't watch any of the video because I already know the answer yes you can lose it and it's so simple anyone who accepts the mark of the beast salvation is lost to them. Simple you take the mark it's over simple simple simple no 2hrs needed to explain that

  2. Thank you for a great teaching. What I find amazing is this, when you talk to Christian's about the truth which you are teaching from the same scriptures, and even when you tell them that you were a Christian yourself and that you came to the truth through diligently studying the scriptures, , they still refuse to LISTEN. If you are truly seeking truth, wouldn't you want to search these things out objectively rather than defensively? I have even used the example of the name of Joshua being the same as Yahusha, but still they defend the name JC. It drives you to despair, for indeed Yahusha's sheep alone do hear his voice. This name and man Yahusha Ha Mashiach is indeed a stumbling block to those who do not believe. I have found that without knowing his true name, you remain stagnant and unable to progress into knowing the scriptures as you should. I remember a vision I had once, which was another thing that prompted me to leave Christianity, it was churches inside their own cell as in a honeycomb, separated from each other but still part of the same hive. The queen bee G-d, sends out the workers to keep them in their cells, while they produce honey for her. All RELIGION believe in G-d. Why? Because they all belong to the same G-d.

  3. Isn't Shaul like a 13th Apostles because the soujourners among us are like the 13th tribe init? For example the 2 Olive trees one natural one and one wild one. Not sure if both represent Israel Northern and Southern tribe or one representing the 12 Tribes and the saved gentiles.

    Maybe you can give me an explanation bro

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