Understanding The Beast System & How To Spiritually Overcome It

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  1. This teaching is right on time to confirm what I was thinking about Christianity; a month ago or so I was reading the dead sea scrolls and in the wisdom literature it mention the seductress how she keeps us from doing the commandments and let the righteous goes astray. I said in my mind this sounds like religions, I am happy to know I wasn't alone thinking like this.

  2. Wow, what a teaching. I am amazed, how as a Christian, you never see the fact that Yahuah will never have given his true assemblies over to the gentiles as custodians. Another thing I have come to realise, is that as true people of The Way, we are really in one accord. The amount of times that I have been speaking on a subject earlier or the day before and you or one of the believers speak on that same issue on the Sabbath, is truly encouraging. This is what I have been striving for; living the truth of the scriptures as a people, who follow the true teachings and commandments of Yahuah onto His Father. This is true freedom. I am not there yet, but at least I have left. When I left Christianity, I immediately started looking for a church of similar minded people. I stopped and I somehow knew, engaging again in a church system again was wrong. It is bondage, just like this Babylonian system we live in. The cage door is open, but our minds see it as closed because of deliberate conditioning. Even the man with a legion of demons in Mark 5 v 6, was able to cry out from his free will, to Yahusha and worship him, knowing that his healing and freedom was at hand. Even in his madness, he made the right choice and was set free and in his right mind. Yet, many people today feel comforted in the chaos of their cages, with the trappings of this world. It is madness and a stronghold, to which they are tormented and blind. Only truth can set us truly free. We are to be set apart and we need to come out of this wicked system, before its too late.

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