ALL THINGS WERE MADE BY HIM? What Does This Mean? In the Beginning Was the Word (Part 2)

John 1:3 says “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” This was in reference to the Messiah, and seems to point to him (the Messiah) being used by the Father to create the world. But is this so? Is this what it is saying?

This is the second video in our John 1 series aimed at solving the mystery of “In the beginning was the word.”

In the first video, we looked at what the word was, how did it become flesh, and what it means for the word to become flesh.

Now in this video, we look at “all things were made by him,” what does this mean? Both videos together make a whole and give the solution to the John 1 debate about the deity of the Messiah.


Here is the 1st video in our 2-part series looking at John 1:
In The Beginning Was The Word. What Does John 1 Really Mean?

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The Great Christian Deception 2 (The Aluah Deception)

Who is Yahusha HaMashiach?

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  1. The Word of The Lord was brought forth and was the Vessel in which The Holy Spirit used to create all things. Yes, God brought forth The Word from the living water. That is what baptism is. it is a reanctment of the birth of our Messiah . the Messiah literally gives it away when he speaks to nicademus. he tells nicademus "unless a man be born of water"..right there,he gives the correct interpretation of baptism. a birth of a new creature. no other culture in that part of the world relays the meaning of what baptism really is…the birth of a new creature. John baptized exclusively from natural bodies of water for a very specific reason. Because they represent "living waters". mikveh is not an alternative because nothing can live in it. an aquarium is a good example,it can hold fish but you have to create an eco system for them to live in it. put water in the aquarium and throw the fish in there with no oxygen and see how long they live. it does not represent living waters and neither did mikveh. natural waters are self sufficient and do not require mans dirty hands to faciitate life. theres tons more on who The Word of The Lord actually is but i suppose this is good enough for now.

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