The Renewed Mind and The Kingdom Of The Most High

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  1. Something that was revealed to me in this teaching is that you cannot carry much through a narrow gate if anything at all. With the wide gate, you can carry anything and everything you want, so much so that you can't see where you are going and end up falling over the edge to your destruction. Walking through a narrow gate takes effort, determination, zeal, confidence in what is awaiting you. We trust and we keep our eyes fixed at the light at the end. There are probably spiders, snakes, and creatures trying to intimidate us, and people who won't walk with us shouting at us, telling us that there is nothing at the end. They discourage and other take aim. They can't see what we can see because we are not the ones blinded by the things of this world. Some of us try to bring in too much through the narrow gate and this is where the struggle starts. The walk becomes increasingly difficult and we give up, turn back and go down the road that makes it comfortable to carry our load. We pretend that we can see, but alas, we too have become blind and headed in the same direction as those that came through the wide gate.
    Let's march on, encouraging one another, especially by those who have gone ahead. Don't give up, we are in this together.

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