The Evening & The Morning Were The First Day?

In this video we look into the grossly misunderstood “evening and the morning were the first day” to figure out exactly when a day begins and by extension, when the weekly Sabbaths begin.

This confusion is caused by the lying pen of the scribes (Jer 8:8) as we will show.

Too many of our Hebrew brothers are convinced of this deception, in which we are actually following the way of our oppressors. Hence the need for this video. Please share it if you find value!

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What Remains? Sabbath Keeping Or Resting In Yahusha HaMashiach?

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  1. Thank you Achk, your website study on this subject helped to confirm my understanding of the morning to evening Shabbat. Thank you for reconfirming this topic.

    All Praises and Esteem to YAHUAH TMH in the name of His beloved Son YAHUSHA HA’MASHYAKH πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸ»

  2. So if I get this correct the Sabbath is Saturday morning until evening Smh! I really appreciate the work your doing brother; its clear that the spirit of truth is leading you.

  3. How I found ya page . Last year Yahuah said in a dream "no longer shall your name be DeShaun, it shall be Yasharal." I never even heard that name before.

    Then few weeks later, came across Sister Channel named "Gates of Huldah." Where she talks about us being the ppl of the book (bible). After watching all of her videos, YouTube recommended me to "MaryAh at Trumpets Call" channel. After watching all her videos, it recommended me to you. And all 3 have brought me back to the most high. Thank you

    You're so right. The 24hr clock was started by the Babylonians. So our perception is of a day is based on their time and not the Bible. We have to go by what they most high says. This video cleared up so much confusion

  4. Wwwwwait. The earth was without form. The earth was void. There was darkness. These are the conditions at the beginning . Therefore, of course the first day began with darkness. The text says so!

  5. And the evening and the morning. This means the evening passed and the morning came. These events happened. Day the first. This means the totality of what has happened is called the first day.

  6. The part of the world where this text first arose experiences quicker dawns and dusks than the places where these things are argued about more. So division of light from darkness as a solid 12 hour period seems more logical there.

    The first evening, as described in the text, was not the same as any other. The first day was really a night in which God made light: you could say he created the world's diurnality. We know the Sun and Moon appear later in the text so it can't have been that the sun rose, just that the earth turned full circle. By the time the first dawn is being described the first day is over and the second day begins.

  7. For goodness sake. Last night and morrow. These are ordinary descriptions of time relative to the immediate moment. We don't talk about these in any culture with reference to whether the name of the day has changed

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